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          Wuning?County?is endowed with beautiful landscape resources and unique ecological environment. The forest coverage rate in this county reaches 72.1 percent. It is also the national ecological demonstration zone.?Xiuhe?River, one of the five greatest rivers in?Jiangxi?province, traverses Wuning from east to west. The waters area of?Xihai Lake of Mount Lushan?which formed by the construction of Zhelin Reservoir is up to 308 square kilometers. This lake is shared by Wuning and Yongxiu jointly, and Wuning accounts for 80 percent of the total waters. The Xihai Lake of Mount Lushan is the national key scenic spot and the water is clear and pure. The water quality reaches to the second class of national standard and belongs to the first standard of national waters. The deepest visibility of this lake is up to 11 meters. The endangered rare aquatic animal—freshwater jellyfish is able to see in this lake. The islands are like lotus and the branches cross over mutually. You can enjoy charming and beautiful scenery in the lake. The number of islands is up to 1667. The?Mufu?Mountain?and?Jiuling?Mountain?are situated in the two sides of the lake and stretches from north to south. The forest in the two sides is thick and filled with great trees, which also possesses abundant tourist resources with high-quality. Its air of negative oxygen ions index is up to 150,000 per cubic centimeter.?Wuning?County?boasts many unique tourist resources. For example, Wuling Crag enjoys the great fame of “hundreds miles of lotus tent”.?Shenwu?Mountain?blends the wildness, quietness, precipitousness uniqueness and steepness perfectly.?Wu Emperor?Peak?is filled with many mysterious legends. The?Willow?Mountain?stabs the sky and cloud.?Yishan?Mountain?ecological natural reserve is full of steep pool and springs, such as?Luxi?Cave, Shangtang Spring and Luoxi Spring. The tourist industry has a great development potential with the perfect blending of natural resources, which is the important resource foundation and a great advantage to create a world-class health paradise for holiday vocation. Wuning has always been visited by famous people and scholars and officials since ancient times. Taoyuanming who is a famous poet in Jin Dynasty admired the Wulingyuan scenery for a long time, so he seeks the beautiful scenery through?Xiu?River?and he wrote the famous article—Peach-Blossom Source.?Simaliuhun in Tang Dynasty resolutely resigned and pursue a seclude life in?Willow?Mountain. The great scholar Sudongpo and Huangtingjian in Song Dynasty?with the Foyin monk are obsessed with the beautiful scenery, thus they linger in the mountain and water of Wuning. Their visiting to Sanxianduan becomes a famous tale about three virtue people.
          ???There are also a series of century-long famous scenic spots renowned as “the eight attractions of Yuning”, which inspire people to appreciate the beauty of woods and spring, to search for the charm of landscapes, to explore the source of culture and to inherit the elegant tradition. It covers?Zhong?Ling?Melon?Garden?starting the reign of Emperor Sun Quan, Liu Hun Vihara creating unique Wuning writing style of successive generations, and Zheng Jiao cottage accommodating scholars to commune. And it also includes the Breeze on the?Yuzhen?Mountain?topping the sceneries, the Tsuruhashi Bright Moon, the ancient and modern wonderland. Additionally, there are Dragon Loach in the Yi Dong Cave signing scholars’ auspiciousness, Nanpu Fishing Songs presenting fishermen’s harvest year, and Donglin reed pipe playing the mysterious sound of the world.
          ????Recently, the tourism industry chain has been cultivated and improved greatly in?Wuning?County, with the help of abundant natural tourism resources and heavy historical and cultural heritage. Currently, more than 20 scenic spots, 5 star-level hotels, and 5 Travel Services have been completed in Wuning. And an integrated tourism system has been built combining lake and island tours, canyon rafting, summer resorts, spa bath, cave exploration, religious pilgrimage, farm experience and entertainment. At the same time, in order to comply with the era of tourism explosion, the people of Wuning will make painstaking efforts to exploit other 7 scenic spots in the principle of scientific and green development, based on unique landscape and ecological resources, making the development of the county and lake district as the key point, and achieve a kind of tour embodying the landscape, leisure, health-keeping and retirement. And the 7 tourist attractions are West Bay Center View and Wulingyan forest land, Luoping farmhouse leisure with waters, Lu Xi Millennium Limestone Cave, Feng Liang Art Training Institute, Taiping Mountain Circuit, Hot Spring Resort on?Jiugongshan?Mountain?and Sandbar Camping in Shidu. Wuning is striving to build itself into “China’s most beautiful tourist town” and “international tourism resort”.
        Host: Party committee of Wuning County, people's Government of Wuning County
        Organizer: Information Work Office of Wuning County Government
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