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          In the year of 2012,?Wuning?County?homed for 119,599 households, with a total population of 391,509. Among them, the agricultural population was 316,103, accounting for 80.74% of the total population, while the Non-agricultural population was 79,896, accounting for 19.26%.
          By gender,?there are 201,875 men (51.6%) and 189,634 women (48.4%), and the population gender ratio was 106.5:100 (men vs. women).?The newly-born population was 7823 people, while its death population was 1082 death, thus the death rate was 2.76 ‰.?The population density was 111.6 people per square kilometer.
          Wuning is a?multi-ethnic populated area. Apart from the Han nationality, there are 17?ethnic minorities, including?She,?Mongolia, Hui, Tajik, Shui, Li, Dong, Tujia, Zhuang, Buyi, Korean, Manchu, Tibetan, Uyghur, Miao and Yi. Among?the county's total population, the Han nationality accounts for 99.5%.
        Host: Party committee of Wuning County, people's Government of Wuning County
        Organizer: Information Work Office of Wuning County Government
        Website identification code: 3604230043      Gan Gong Wang an Bei no.36042302000103      SICPB No. 05006605
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